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If you get foggy at the mention of interest rates, or bleary-eyed while trying to wade through an article in the Wall Street Journal, we've written this page for you: a bare-bone primer on the major numbers economists throw around.


GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is the most common number used to show how large – and also how strong - a nation's economy is. It is the dollar value of all goods and services a nation produces, including those produced abroad. Sometimes you'll see GDP per capita – or person – to show how comparatively rich or poor a nation is. GDP growth tells how fast an economy is growing, which – for many economists – is the ultimate sign of a healthy economy.

GDP: $14.4 trillion (2008)  BEA

The current GDP (as of the 2nd Quarter of 2009) is estimated to be $14.4 trillion.

GDP growth over the years

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It seems like everytime you turnaround...

you get slapped in the face by fate.  Like the other day I was searching for a towel for dog and I kept coming up with these ridiculous pages about whether this is a dog or a towel.  I mean, really?  I can tell the difference between a cheap aquis microfiber towel and dog with dreadlocks.  But if you were busy and weren't paying attention I suppose you could accidentally buy cheap microfiber towels instead of laughing at funny dog pics.


Just the run of the mill internet static I guess.

As with many types of fancy dress outfits

The most well known type of Irish fancy dress is
the Leprechaun costume, which is not surprising when you consider the
place that the Leprechaun has in Irish folklore. The first mention of a
Leprechaun was in an old medieval tale known as the Adventure of Fergus
son of Léti. Since then there
links of london have been many, many legends and tales
about the "little people".

The Leprechaun is supposed to be a
solitary creature who makes and mends shoes for a living. The
Leprechaun enjoys practical jokes and likes to horde treasure troves.
He is usually depicted as a mischievous old man and indeed most types
of male Leprechaun costume reflect this. However, the female equivalent
of these Irish fancy dress costumes are altogether different in

Dressing 10 pounds thinner is easy to do

Dressing 10 pounds thinner is easy to do when you
understand it is all about creating vertical lines and eliminating
horizontal breaks. You can use your clothes to help you look taller and
thinner by creating long vertical lines.

Here are ten ways you can dress 
lace wigs at least ten pounds thinner:

Wear the same color head to toe. Darker colors are best, as they make
you appear smaller. The way to look your absolute thinnest is to wear
head to toe black.

2. Match your belt to your pants or skirt color to eliminate an additional horizontal break.

I'm sure you already know to avoid horizontal stripes, but also avoid
prints that have a horizontal pattern. To determine cheap lace wigs the pattern of a
print, squint your eyes so the print is slightly blurry and you will be
able to tell if the overall pattern is vertical or horizontal. Vertical
stripes are always good.

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Dupa anul 1990, in Romania, exploatarea forestiera a luat o amploare
greu de controlat, prin aparitia in numar foarte mare a intreprinderilor
particulare de producere a cherestelei. Iar volumul de rumegus
neutilizat a crescut in mod dramatic, cu un impact nefavorabil asupra
mediului inconjurator. Milioane de metri cubi de rumegus de gater au
fost imprastiate prin cele mai neasteptate locuri - cursuri de rauri,
rape, gropi de gunoi si chiar campuri fertile, sub o falsa impresie ca
acest material constituie un ingrasamant pentru terenul respectiv. (In
realitate, timpul de reciclare naturala a lemnului este cuprins intre 15
si 25 de ani, timp in care terenul pe care a fost imprastiat devine un
teren mort din punct de vedere agricol.)

Pornind de la aceasta constatare, dl. Dragomir Penes, fost profesor la
Universitatea "Transilvania" din Brasov, s-a decis in 1991 sa proiecteze
un utilaj care sa transforme rumegusul in combustibil si, totodata, sa
atenueze impactul acestui deseu asupra mediului.

A Hysterectomy Does Not Make You Less of a Woman

At one time or another we have all heard of or participated in discussions on hysterectomy. been confronted For those who have never undergone by the decision, a hysterectomy, I had to explain that a hysterectomy, the surgical removal of a woman's uterus or abdomen. It is a procedure recommended by doctors often are when serious problems of the uterus, or difficulties with the entire female reproductive organs diagnosed. Reasons for the removal of the uterus may be the uterus, cancer, cervical cancer and advanced ovarian cancer, uterine fibroids, or fibroids, tumors outside the uterus. There are several other medical reasons which may recommend a hysterectomy with your doctor. However, provided you are well informed, so you can make an informed decision and not rushed to surgery to enable. If the diagnosis is unclear, you should be on a different gynecologist and get a qualified second opinion instead of blindly sign a receipt for admission. Remember, when the uterus is removed, there is no turning back.

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