car auction ?

Most people dislike how our goverment works but i love it (and all car lovers should 2) because most people dont know that people can purchase cars trough the goverment for a very cheap price and without clowns who bribe you in the car dealership.

u guys should look around website with car auctions trough the web or contact a near  by cityhall because when i bought my car trough them (first i told my friend to buy it he loved it so it was save for me and then i bought it call me a scumbag but hey i saved money and saved money :P) .


Well im just shouting out to take this barging priced cars because you will love it!!! 


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Its about Time to Uplift Humanity

Hi, wanted to respond to the issue. Death Row is a symbol of humanity's current cruel political system. After all, the system is what puts the people there. We have to look at a wider scope and a different perspective. there should be a rehabilitation for people who have splitted their minds from the system and can't seem to harmonize themselves to it.  I am sure there will be massive adjustments however I think its just a  matter of sticking to higher human morale' and doing away with the current justice system. It's really horrifying to think that the punishers have done more way more crimes than those they have punished....


anxiety or heart attack? Here's how to Calm it...

Obama hype

anyone like to discuss the real thing about Obama's current position? Be waiting for your comments... Cheers..


Is it Anxiety or Heart Attack?

Here's how to Calm it

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car navigation

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replacement car navigation


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Stair Steppers

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MY first post

This is the first time I visited this website and I wish to make more friends here.

Hello everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself!

Hi!  I'm Mike Duncan and I do computer repair in my local community and over the internet for the last 10 years.

I love living in the United States because It has provided me with the opportunity to run my own business and make my own way in the world without having to rely on anyone else.


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