A Hysterectomy Does Not Make You Less of a Woman

At one time or another we have all heard of or participated in discussions on hysterectomy. been confronted For those who have never undergone by the decision, a hysterectomy, I had to explain that a hysterectomy, the surgical removal of a woman's uterus or abdomen. It is a procedure recommended by doctors often are when serious problems of the uterus, or difficulties with the entire female reproductive organs diagnosed. Reasons for the removal of the uterus may be the uterus, cancer, cervical cancer and advanced ovarian cancer, uterine fibroids, or fibroids, tumors outside the uterus. There are several other medical reasons which may recommend a hysterectomy with your doctor. However, provided you are well informed, so you can make an informed decision and not rushed to surgery to enable. If the diagnosis is unclear, you should be on a different gynecologist and get a qualified second opinion instead of blindly sign a receipt for admission. Remember, when the uterus is removed, there is no turning back.
After a Hysterectomy Surgery, a woman does not menstruate and can not bear more children. every woman's body responds to surgery alone. can If only the uterus has been made, I can not change much, but when both ovaries during the process, so radically September menopause a. be removed here, the doctor give you an alternative therapy for estrogen or other medications, the symptoms of menopause such as Hot flashes, mood swings and insomnia relief.
The need for a hysterectomy can suddenly and at any age. to bleed in 1986, so here, a week of my thirtieth birthday, I suddenly began. It was just my normal period and the pain of the family and the pain differently. My gynecologist advised me to visit him at the time what I was doing. The assessments are ordered and the next day, a Friday, I said that I needed a Bleeding After Hysterectomy. It seemed impossible, and in desperation, I called another doctor who saw me that afternoon. The same conclusion that if refused or delayed surgery, my chances of contracting cancer to the stars. Last weekend, my husband and I have been babysitting arrangements for our two children, and Sunday night in the hospital. The operation went well and my ovaries. Also recovered physically, but mentally and emotionally I felt torn. There was a void that can not be described, and I have not seen my sexuality. , I was filled with many questions. Were still as a woman? And: "My husband still finds me sexy? It would be like having sex?
Although she never did, I felt that I looked with a label on the front and me were all strange. All my friends were in good health, some of them pregnant. It was impossible to tell them my situation. Yes, I have never worried about the monthly menstrual discomfort, but I have never again a child, or the desire, but stayed with me until my forties. The physician asked the committee, and during the meetings, it was often said that I am a woman who was before the surgery. My sexual desire is to maintain the consistency and acceptance, if I could help with testosterone-replacement therapy.
Despite the good advice that I received, and advice, my concern is gone. My doubts remained. Only at that moment I realized that doctors, nurses and therapists were very good. had not changed, my sexuality was there, and I was also desirable that the woman is. In fact, years later, when the ovaries were removed, and I began Estrogen replacement therapy, I discovered I had more energy and better skin texture of my hair. Now that I think I can say is that my uterus was a blessing. I'm still alive, free of cancer, and I do not regret missing twenty years have a point!