Dressing 10 pounds thinner is easy to do

Dressing 10 pounds thinner is easy to do when you
understand it is all about creating vertical lines and eliminating
horizontal breaks. You can use your clothes to help you look taller and
thinner by creating long vertical lines.

Here are ten ways you can dress 
lace wigs at least ten pounds thinner:

Wear the same color head to toe. Darker colors are best, as they make
you appear smaller. The way to look your absolute thinnest is to wear
head to toe black.

2. Match your belt to your pants or skirt color to eliminate an additional horizontal break.

I'm sure you already know to avoid horizontal stripes, but also avoid
prints that have a horizontal pattern. To determine cheap lace wigs the pattern of a
print, squint your eyes so the print is slightly blurry and you will be
able to tell if the overall pattern is vertical or horizontal. Vertical
stripes are always good.

4. Wear short sleeves, three-quarter
length sleeves or roll up your sleeves and use your arms to create two
vertical lines. Check this one in the mirror - long sleeves can make
you look heavier. Push up your sleeves and look at the difference it

5. Did you ever notice how much thinner men look when they
are wearing a jacket and tie? Wear an open jacket, blazer or big shirt
and create two vertical lines. Roll up your sleeves and you'll really
look great
ED Hardy. One of my favorite looks is to wear the same dark color
shell, pants and shoes (usually black, but it could be navy, dark gray
or brown) and wear a bright colored blazer or jacket. Your jacket or
top should end either above or below the biggest part of your body. If
the hem ends at the largest part, you will look heavier.

6. Match
your hemline, hose and shoes. If you can't do that, wear the same color
neutral hose and shoes. If you wear a dark skirt, light hose and dark
shoes, you are creating three horizontal breaks. Wear medium to high
heel shoes to elongate your legs.

7. Wear a long chunky necklace
or a long oblong scarf draped around your neck. While you are at it, go
for bigger earrings (over one inch in diameter) to draw attention up to
your face.

8. V-neck tops and button up blouses create vertical lines, make your neck appear longer and draw attention up to your face.

9. Skirts and dresses that are slimmer cut and even tapered at the hem will make you look thinner, even if you are plus sized.

Select pants that have a straight leg from the hip to the hem. Tapered
pants that are smaller at the hem make most people look heavier. Boot
cut and slightly flared pants can help create more balance.