As with many types of fancy dress outfits

The most well known type of Irish fancy dress is
the Leprechaun costume, which is not surprising when you consider the
place that the Leprechaun has in Irish folklore. The first mention of a
Leprechaun was in an old medieval tale known as the Adventure of Fergus
son of Léti. Since then there
links of london have been many, many legends and tales
about the "little people".

The Leprechaun is supposed to be a
solitary creature who makes and mends shoes for a living. The
Leprechaun enjoys practical jokes and likes to horde treasure troves.
He is usually depicted as a mischievous old man and indeed most types
of male Leprechaun costume reflect this. However, the female equivalent
of these Irish fancy dress costumes are altogether different in

The female Leprechaun costume is almost always a sexy
type of Irish fancy dress outfit and could not be further in appearance
from the little men with beards hunting for their pot of gold at the
end of a rainbow. Instead the sexy female Leprechaun costume usually
centres around
Balenciaga Handbags a green mini-dress with some sort of shamrock motif.

are certainly some good looking examples of these kind of Irish fancy
dress costumes available in specialist online shops, but if you want
your sexy Leprechaun costume to look particularly hot then you are
going to need to purchase some cool accessories.

Wearing a hat

are a number of great female Leprechaun hats available to add that
little something to your costume, from a simple green felt bowler hat
to a glittery emerald green top hat with veil.

Wearing a wig

you do not fancy wearing a hat with your costume then why not try to
recreate that lovely Irish look by purchasing an auburn wig. The Carmen
Wig, for example, is a beautiful looking wavy red head wig with blonde
streaks, which would look wonderful with a sexy Leprechaun costume.

Wearing a layered tulle petticoat

well as adding fullness and movement to your skirt or mini-dress, a
layered tulle petticoat is also a great way to spare your
evening Dresses blushes if
your outfit is a little bit too short and revealing.

Wearing the right footwear

with many types of fancy dress outfits, your female Leprechaun costume
is definitely going to benefit from wearing the appropriate footwear. A
pair of adult Green Glitter Clover Shoes, which are green glitter
peep-toe shoes with clover bow detailing and 4 inch heels will complete
your sexy Irish fancy dress costume perfectly.