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09/16/2007 - 5:00pm
09/16/2007 - 7:00pm

We'll be meeting for our second book ever (!), reading Maggie Mahar's Money-Driven Medicine.

MDM was recommended by Leif Wellington Haase, the former health care fellow at The Century Foundation and now the guy heading up New America Foundation’s California office. So says Leif:

“For a healthcare book, albeit a longish one, I can’t recommend any recent one more highly than Maggie Mahar’s Money-Driven Medicine. It really cuts though all the ideology and gets at the heart of what drives the system and inhibits reform.” Oh, then he added “$$$$”

According to reviews, the book’s not as lefty as it sounds – Mahar mixes up some basic economic principles with a lot of insight from the inside of the healthcare industry to understand how the healthcare “market” works. Leif is probably a little left of center himself, but super smart and intellectually honest as well as a believer in policy solutions that bridge ideologies – so I’m trusting this’ll be an eye opener.

Please let me know if you’re in for September 16. To avoid complete unwieldiness and total lack of discipline, I thought I’d propose a few attendance guidelines. 1. We cap each meeting to the first 12 readers that sign on. (Right now we have 18 members on the list, which may be right – but I’ll let it nudge up if it seems we need more members.) 2. Listees should come once in a blue moon to stay on the list (or, to be specific, at least once every four books) and 3. if you sign on for a meet but have to drop out, that’s cool – but only once or twice in a year. Let me know if you think those guidelines are too loosey-goosey or anal-controlling – and I’ll try to convince you otherwise.

The location will be emailed to group members.
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