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The big - on again off again - policy issue in mental health is parity; although a bill was passed in 1996 requiring equal coverage for mental health treatment, advocates say insurance companies still unfairly restrict services for the mentally ill.


Americans who suffer from a "diagnosable mental health disorder":

  • 22.1% of adults (44.3 million) (NIMH). Of those:
    • 18.8 million have a depressive disorder (9.5% of adults);
    • 2.3 million have bi-polar disorder (1.2%);
    • 2.2 million have schizophrenia (1.1%);
    • 19.1 million have an anxiety disorder.

Costs of mental illness (including lost productivity) (Surgeon General):

  • Direct costs: $99 billion (1996);
  • Indirect costs (including lost productivity): $79 billion.

Number of doctors visits for mental disorders (CDC):

  • 2001: 44.8 million (5.1% of all doctors visits);
  • 1997: 49.2 million.

Where the facts are from:

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