Giving Back and Feeling Good

During the school year, I would go on walks around my neighborhood once or twice a week. The thing that always struck me was how dirty and full of litter my neighborhood and the surrounding areas were.

Finally, one day when I was walking home, I saw a large slab of cardboard laying on the side of one of my town's main streets. I decided that I had seen just enough garbage defiling my neighborhood, picked it up, and started walking home with it. On the way home that day, I picked up a deteriorating blueprint, several cereal boxes, three soda cans, and various scraps of paper. When I got home and threw away the garbage I had collected, I realized that it really felt good to give back to the community that I lived, and I decided that I wanted to do it again.

Now, I am on summer vacation. I have gone out three days this week for about three hours at a time to collect trash. I am generally armed with two garbage bags, two or three grocery bags, latex gloves, and hand sanitizer.

Hey, I might be on my vacation, but at least I am using my time well. My street even looks a little nicer! The only real downside I've found is that I was nearly bitten by a black widow spider and that I might be allergic to some kind of prickly weed (which there seems to be an awful lot of).

Oh, and by the way, I'm not getting any community service hours for it. I am in high school and need the hours, but I have enough already. Besides, this is just something that I want to do.

(That and the only person who could sign for my service is me!)

Overall though, it is very fun, and I recommend that you try giving back to your community in some way too. Even if you're in an apartment and don't exactly have any place to walk around, you can try to volunteer with other do-good organizations and group. Then, you can feel good knowing that you are helping the world around you, even in a small way.

we need more people like

we need more people like you.  if we all do this we will be helping this earth. if people keep litering or poluting we would have trouble in the future. you sacrificed your time for the greater good and that is good. i hope others are inspired by you

a random Joe (not verified) | February 26, 2010 - 4:02pm

Question of comunity

Your action is commandable. I too sometimes collect trash, but I rather choose the woods because for some reason, seeing it there upsets me a lot more. My issue with giving back to the community is that I probably wouldn't feel like doing that if ithe community is responsible for the trash in the first place. Causes and solutions within the community would have to be addressed then and if it that's futile I would simply move to a better community.

17Valiant (not verified) | October 10, 2009 - 9:46am