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Corporate welfare is a favorite whipping post of liberals and conservatives alike. Conservatives say the feds shouldn't give corporations a helping hand but should let them live or die by the hand of the free market. Liberals cry foul at what they see as preferential treatment for corporations over, say, poor families. But what exactly is corporate welfare? And is there any rhyme or reason to the handouts industry gets from "the man"?

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Debt. We’re deep in it – and still digging. Some economists warn that our national debt is growing to dangerous levels and could end up hurting our economy in the short- and long-term. Others caution there’s no need for alarm; the debt is manageable and is even a necessary byproduct of policies designed to boost the economy in sluggish times.

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If you are tired of left against right, Republocrats vs. Demicans partisanship in Washington, the farm bill might be just the legislation for you. In fact, some would argue that that is the problem with the farm bill—it has something for everybody, and too much of it.

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Farm subsidies - in the US and Europe - were at the center of the Doha round of global trade talks. While Doha may now be dead, farms subsidies continue to get attention at home as Congress gets ready to debate a farm bill, which is home to billions of dollars of support for farmers.